And all hell breaks loose, when you’re here…

A venue that has yet to attract major artists to the sunny sites of Scunthorpe has done good this time. Hundreds of tattooed teens with ear plugs the size of digestive biscuits await the return of Enter Shikari to the area, it’s been almost seven years since they first played the now refurbished venue.

Support acts Tu Amore and Hacktivist get the slightly dull crowd at least waving the arms and the occasional mosh pit, Jermaine Hurley of Hackivist pointing out that there’s an ambulance waiting for a reason, before the intro for Enter Shikari shakes things up. Playing out ‘Rhythm of the Night’ to a crowd of hard core Shikari fans shouldn’t work but it just does.

Minutes later, lead singer Rou is transported onto stage hanging from a clothes rack, unhooking himself, the band smash ‘System…’ leading track from third full studio album (and the reason for the tour) ‘A Flash Flood of Colour’. ‘…Meltdown’ and ‘Sssnakepit’ tear the room apart, holding onto anything you own you’re thrown into a complete mayhem of lights, limbs flailing and of course that trademark Enter Shikari sound.  The band make no apologies for what they’re about on this tour, not stopping for breath ‘Sorry you’re not a winner’ claps its way into the atmosphere, this small room was designed for theatre acts but it seems to be coping with the reverberation. Staying away from some of their most know songs, instead opting for songs that reflect the tour’s theme.

Known for their outlandish stage antics, Rou scales the Hall’s balcony giving a very up close and personal sight for some gig goers. ‘Destabilise’ ironically has people throwing themselves into the pits, security personnel brace themselves.

Throughout the set, energy never wavers. Many people go on how this band is the best live band this country has to offer, as the foursome strut the stage, you see why.  Each performance as full of untameable passion as the next, having graced nearly every venue and stage they’ve gathered a loyal band of followers many inked with their lyrics.

A connection between the band and the crowd is intangible but ever present as they fire up ‘Mothership’ and the room circles before descending into chaos once again, the official count for crowd surfers in this strictly prohibiting venue was 210 as tweeted by the band with an air of pride.

The traditional encore is upturned by the appearance of an ironing board… guitarist Liam ‘Rory’ Clewlow using it as a turn table. The tour title track ‘Return to Energizer’ from 2006’s ‘Take to the Skies’ is met with cheers from only the most dedicated fans before speakers are upturned and ‘Zzzonked’ begins with a crash as Rou comes speeding towards the audience with a large broom. Stage maintenance aside, Enter Shikari have still got it.

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